Lack of Sleep Can Cause reason Obesity

Lack of sleep could be one trigger of obesity. Several studies have been published in America in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that there is a correlation between lack of sleep a day with the amount of weight gain over time. From the results of the study revealed, there is a correlation between … Continue reading “Lack of Sleep Can Cause reason Obesity”

Lack of sleep could be one trigger of obesity. Several studies have been published in America in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that there is a correlation between lack of sleep a day with the amount of weight gain over time.

From the results of the study revealed, there is a correlation between less sleep with a high body mass index (BMI), which is a measure of weight related to height. Usually used to measure whether someone is overweight or obese. Reported by Women’s Health Mag, in another study conducted over seven years to 7022 middle-aged man was also found that women who reported having a sleep disorder tend to experience weight gain significantly. Why is the quality of sleep can affect a person’s weight?

A. More and Less Sleep, More and Few Calories Burned
In a study by the department of Neuroendocrinology at the University of Lubeck, Germany, the researchers analyzed a group of male respondents. They were asked to sleep for 12 hours, but not allowed to sleep the next night. Respondents were then invited to eat lavish buffet the next morning. Then the researchers analyzed how many calories you burn when respondents get up and eat. When in a state of sleep deprivation, the body’s energy is expended respondents 5 percent less than when they are sleeping enough.

2. Lack of Sleep, Eat More
In a study presented at a scientific seminar of the American Heart Association 2011, explained that women who only had 4 hours sleep a night to consume 329 extra calories in the morning. The amount is far more than women who slept nine hours a day. In another study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 11 respondents to stay in a place called the sleep center for 14 days. Throughout that period, they underwent two sleep sessions. The first session, the respondent slept 5.5 hours a night and two 8.5-hour sessions. During sleep only 5.5 hours, increasing their desire to snack and evening tend to choose high-carbohydrate snacks.

3. Lowering Metabolism
Sleeping less than 7-8 hours a day will make it difficult to collect the body energy to move, digest food well. Numerous studies showed that people who have tired every day, metoblisme body will decrease. Metabolism is the process of converting food nutrients and calories into energy the body needs to perform the activity. Low metabolism means the body’s ability to burn calories is also less.

4. Triggering Hunger
When someone does not get enough rest, which could affect the formation of glucose leads to the emergence of diabetes. Sleep deprivation can increase hunger. It also makes the body feel tired throughout the day so that physical activity was reduced. Lack of exercise and physical inactivity can lead to more rapid weight gain.

Tip: Make sure you get enough sleep and quality. Do not bring your problems and worries to bed. Sleep, is the time you are calm and relaxed, not thinking about work piling up at the office or a presentation tomorrow. Sleeping with anxiety and restlessness will damage your physical and mental health. To prevent this from happening, try to practice meditation or relaxation techniques before bed to relieve stress – that could potentially lead to obesity. Remember, sleep quality will result in a healthy body.

Used Car Buying Tips

Have a desire to buy a car is one of the current needs. To buy a car, either new or in a state of the former course requires precision and flair of the potential buyers.

Buying a used car is one solution to get a decent used car at an affordable price. However, to buy a used car can be a very complicated process. But there are some things you can do to make your purchase.
A. Identifying Your Dream Car
Make a list of car you want to buy. What kind of car do you admire? Do you like any of the friend’s car? If so, ask a friend what the advantages and disadvantages of the car. Be sure also to see the model and year of car you want. Do not forget that your life style also plays a role determining the type of car to buy.

2. Calculate How Big Is Your Financial Ability to Buying a Used Car
If the price offered is too high, you should find another dealer. Ability to negotiate must be honed over time. Make sure you know the used car market price of the coveted and start bidding below the asking price. You can also find out the prices of used cars from auto sites.

3. Where to Buy
Although many dealers who sell used cars, it helps if you buy it in one of the trusted dealer that can provide guarantees to the buyer. Better yet, if you buy from one individual seller who is recommended by people you trust.

4. Consider the age of vehicles
You should not buy a car is too old year, though with fewer number of kilometers. Cars with years older usually do not have the same safety standards rather than the newer cars that year.

5. Check In Thorough and Perform Test Drive
If you want to buy a used car, you should first check the whole exterior and interior of the vehicle. You also need to do a test drive to see if the car is still comfortable to drive or not.

6. Know the history of the Want to buy Used Car
Make sure you know the history of a used car to be purchased, including maintenance. This can be known from car care card. Ask the seller as much detail as possible including whether the car is never an accident, the engine down or never flooded.

7. Invite a mechanic or a friend
Invite your mechanic or your friends who are good in terms of buying a car to help you choose. This is to facilitate you in knowing what people want to buy a used car trouble or not. Do also check the engine number check whether or not the same as the one at reg.

8. Negotiated Rates and Payment Plans
After all manner of examination is over and you decide to buy a car, do negotiate prices. After that how the payment plan that will be done, if you want to pay by cash or credit. To purchase a car on credit, you need to take into account the cost of Down Payment and money monthly installments. Do not forget to match your financial capability.