want to slim stomach

Having a swollen abdominal circumference would make any woman uneasy. Diet desperately you’ve tried, but to no avail.

Another reason that causes people to lose weight is a health and fitness. But to be slim for most people is not easy, especially when it has entered the age of 30.

Changes in metabolism often cause weight gain and abdominal membuncitnya. And resolve the problem of obesity is not difficult.

easy and natural ways to boost your metabolism so that your body becomes lean and healthy stomach.

Do not forget breakfast

One way to raise your metabolism is to eat breakfast. Why? Because our bodies are made in such a way as a method for surviving.

As we start a new day with no food intake in the morning with the aim to reduce the calories, our bodies catch as a period of “fasting”.

Your metabolism will drop so that the body can maximize food supply in the body for a longer period of time. Therefore, when the time of day you eat, your intake of these foods are digested at a slower pace and calories burned will not be directly stored as fat.

Eat slowly

Most people at the time of eating just a little chew and swallow and that includes people who like to rush in chewing food.

Drink plenty of water

Too little drinking water is not good for your metabolism, drink water, especially the zero calories as regular water boiled. Avoid sugary drinks and replace with water to get used to normal, because just one cup of grape juice contains 154 calories.

Cut bread

Bread consumption habits excess belly fat will make it bertmbah due to high insulin in the bread that can lead to obesity in later.


Mengghindari foods such as meat, fish, including various types of milk used to do women who become vegetarian because these foods contain fat and calories.

Other facts in this kind of food that contains protein can help boost metabolism to fend off the coming problems bloated stomach.

Avoid too much lunch

Excess lunch usually experienced by people who did not have a chance to have breakfast in the morning so by the time lunch, they tend to eat too much as a replacement for breakfast but it’s very risky habit penumpakan the fat in the abdomen.

If you should have enough to eat one dish, since they do not do breakfast then it will tend to add to make it more full, this behavior will become a habit that consequently become uncontrollable appetite and stomach unjung edges are to be stretched and eating will continue to grow