The source of the disease was thought

How was our mindset greatly affect the condition of our health . most or the majority of diseases arise precisely because the mind is not healthy .

The pain is actually the source of the human mind itself, does not mind that either , always negative so that the mind affects the body condition

nearly 90% of diseases caused by psychogenic factors , not organic . That is related to one’s psychological condition is not due to abnormalities of organs or other body

This condition as a mental block or a program that inhibits a person’s thoughts or dreams to reach certain targets . The program works with multiple modus operandi , among others, led to feeling uncomfortable when someone does something that is not maximal work , get someone suspended the work , one to make the decision .

Even to the extent of self-sabotage both mental , behavioral or down to the physical level ( being sick ) . If the barrier factor or source of the problem can be found very easily resolved ,

While the condition is not well thought program that source could be from several things . Such as traumatic childhood experiences , planting false beliefs , less precise meaning or perception of an event , the learning process when growth is less precise and more .

When some of the problems arising from the wrong mindset then that should be improved is to change one’s mindset stored in the subconscious mind . what about your mind today?

” The subconscious mind , a place to store the trust and the value of life , habits , emotions , long term memory , programs the mind , the personality , intuition , creativity and perception , “