“Wild and crazy”, “extremely sensual and unusual”, adult inspired and yet playful, all these are terms that can be said about trashy and exotic lingerie. Trashy lingerie has now become a modern day collection for some women if not all. Many years ago in 1973 a couple opens a trashy lingerie store, which was located … Continue reading “lingerie”

“Wild and crazy”, “extremely sensual and unusual”, adult inspired and yet playful, all these are terms that can be said about trashy and exotic lingerie. Trashy lingerie has now become a modern day collection for some women if not all. Many years ago in 1973 a couple opens a trashy lingerie store, which was located on La Cienega Blvd in Los Angel es. Nevertheless many people in general have joined the band wagon in purchasing and wearing trashy lingerie. People are no longer afraid to be seen wearing it, whether it is in the privacy of their lover arms or at a lingerie party just having fun. Women have come a long way in how they view so-called trashy exotic lingerie. There was always that person who were considered odd, who bought and wore this type of lingerie. Once it was a very private matter to be worn in extreme secrecy, Today In general, a woman can wear and be seen in trashy lingerie without being called names because it comes like an everyday part of their clothing. Some stores carry a membership card that has to be filled out so that you can shop privately for your trashy lingerie online via the Internet.

Men are not left out because some like to buy trashy lingerie for their women or wives; they enjoy and are excited by the extreme sensual nature of a woman in these kinds of lingerie. Fantasy role-playing is a turn on to them. –
Trashy lingerie comes in different colors, sizes and styles. Hot looking body exposing and enhancing. Trashy lingerie includes costumes like nurse, mistress, cops and prisoners. I’ll tell you ladies, “there is nothing wrong with wearing Sexy Trashy Lingerie”, so go and get yourself an outfit and find out for your self.


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