How to quickly Clean Microwave

Stains and food residue that sticks to the walls of the microwave sometimes difficult to clean if you just use a damp cloth. But you also can not arbitrarily use cleaning products.

Hard-formulated products can damage the surface of the microwave. Likewise if you clean it with a brush or scouring, scraping body can microwave.

There’s an easy way but it is also safe to clean the microwave to clean up. All you need is a fresh lemon.

Lemon contains citric acid which is effective in removing grease and stubborn stains. In addition, it also gives a fresh scent of lemon on your microwave after cleaning.

Cut a lemon into quarters and place in a bowl (make sure the bowl is made of a material that is safe to put in the microwave) contains a cup of water. If you do not have a fresh lemon, can use 2-3 tablespoons of the lemon juice.

Enter a bowl of lemon and water in the microwave, turn on and set at high temperatures. Leave for 3-5 minutes, or until the water in the bowl of boiling.

Turn off the microwave, leave covered for 10-15 minutes. Steam lemon spread in the microwave will soften the crust of food as well as get rid of the stains former cook.

After that, remove the bowl and wipe the stains with steam food in the microwave using a clean dry cloth. Microwave was clean bright and fragrant in a heartbeat!

How to Easily Change Home Decoration Day Only

Structuring the same from year to year can make you and your family members get bored. The bustle and busy schedule of activities each day, often an excuse to not have time to give a refresher on home decorating.

But if you want to spend a day just to redecorate, will give a significant difference in the overall look of the home. No need to buy a set of new furniture, repaint or replace curtains that takes a long time and cost are also not small.

If you have limited budget and time, simply subtract and add specific parts only. Slightest change, can give a fresh new look to the room. Peek way to redecorate your house, with six simple tips reported by She Knows this.

1. Replace One or two are Already Obsolete Furniture
You do not need to buy a set of new furniture to give a new feel to the room. Simply replace any worn out furniture that start with the new. For example, if a table in the living room already looks fragile due to many years of use, replace it with a small table or a vintage-style edgy. One small furniture, you do not have to make big to pocket. Find info furniture store that was having a discount via the Internet or come to the garage sale.

2. Mirror
The mirror can give a great effect on your home. Large mirror will make a small room seem more spacious. In addition, a mirror can reflect light more beautiful, which means adding a new atmosphere to the whole interior of the house.

3. Replace Light Setup
Sometimes, replacing the lamp lighting can bring major changes to the look of the house. Replace fluorescent lights with bright white light with fluorescent pink or orange lights are softer. Soft glow that will make the whole house look more beautiful and comforting sight. You can put lights on top or bottom of the painting / drawing / photo for dramatic effect, as in the art gallery.

4. Put Picture or Wall-Art on the Wall
No need painting worth hundreds of millions of works of renowned artists who should be put on the walls of your home. Pretty pictures, sketches or paintings you like. The shape can vary. Ranging from abstract paintings, drawings or posters comical retro shades. Choose the style that best suits your home setup, and place it in the frame is gorgeous.< decorating the floor. Choose a carpet with a unique motif, or that you like and cover your floor. Each motif and color of the carpet can give a different effect on the room. Motif with large graphic shapes will make the room feel more spacious close, while small patterns with soft colors give the effect of a small room seem more spacious. Customize the arrangement of your home.

6. Bookcase / Display
Shelves can double as storage and home decor. You can use it to put books or ornaments. With a simple arrangement, the rack can make your home more stylish and attractive.

7. Decorative Pillows
Decorative pillows to fill the void in the room and easily combined and match with other home accessories. Since it is very affordable and available in various sizes, shapes and colors, pillows are the most appropriate and practical components to change the decor of the house. Pillows can be used as components for ‘jazz’ or ‘neutralize’ the room decor. Rooms with patterned wall hangings or rugs full, may require only two medium-sized cushions with plain colors. While the room is minimalist could be playing with a lot of pillows, bright colors or large patterns.