Cotton clothing

Cotton clothing is extremely popular. A majority of people own some type of clothing that is either totally made of cotton, or contains at least some percentage of cotton. Heavier cotton that is found in sweaters for the fall and winter is called Canton Cotton. Organic Cotton is a little bit harder to come by. Organic Cotton is grown without chemicals. This type of cotton material is 30% organic and is very, very soft. The use actual crushed bamboo mixed with the organic cotton to create clothing. A lighter flannel-like cotton is called cotton twill. French Terry cotton is slightly heavier than cotton twill, but not as heavy as Canton cotton. Honeycomb cotton is a lightweight type of cotton that dries quickly.

Egyptian cotton has longer, thinner fibers. This type of cotton creates strong yarn that makes nice and smooth fabrics.

It is a medium weight cotton.

Regardless of the type of cotton that is in your clothing, you can always tell that it is indeed cotton. Most people like the way cotton clothing feels on their body.

Some people have found that they are allergic to cotton. It could be a particular type of cotton that is used for their clothing, or a chemical that is used in growing the cotton or manufacturing the clothes.