Beautiful legs with 2 Maxi Skirt This

The model is a loose and comfortable making maxi skirt an alternative choice for stylish casual. But this time not only present a maxi skirt with pleated detail or motive bustling bohemian style, you can use this skirt to attend a formal event though.

For example a skirt from one of the Helmut Lang collection. Made of comfortable brushed jersey, this skirt comes with an asymmetrical cut detail drapes that help show off curves and shapely legs Anda.Untuk get the perfect look, wear a skirt named ‘brushed-draped jersey maxi skirt’ along with a sleeveless . Combine well with a clutch bag and matching platform shoes in order to get more leverage.
In addition to Helmut Lang, exclusive famous brand from America, Rag & Bone also released a collection not to be outdone maxi skirt with formal pieces. Skirts named ‘Ashton leather-trimmed silk maxi skirt’ look with a more boyish design.
This skirt is made of silk and leather can also be found on the waistband and pockets. But interestingly, maxi skirt also has the same advantages with the skirt from the collection of Helmut Lang dress, they both help you show off legs with a slit on one side of the skirt.

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