Some sound effects which we have applied to people PowerPoint templates may be of a bad quality, or you just want to record another sound. It is simple to rerecord sounds in PowerPoint program.
1.    Go to the dialog box <Record Sound> and click on the button <Cancel>.
2.    Now you need to click the menu <Insert>, select <Movies and Sound> and click <Record Sound>.
3.    You can start recording.
4.    As soon as you have chosen the right sound for your presentation, click <OK>. In this way you will close the dialog box.

To benefit from the ability to control your own finances you need initial and ongoing financial education and that is best achieved through a properly structured financial education program. It’s like learning to play golf. Your ongoing performance on the golf course also relies on your ongoing practice and continued support from the golf pro or other professional sources. Financial well being is no different to playing golf. You need to learn the basics through a comprehensive financial education program. The program also needs to teach you the right mindset for achieving prosperity. Financial freedom or success can have different definitions to many people but any financial education program needs to also teach you beyond the basics and principles of how to swing a golf club.
To find the best financial education program you need it to cover the fundamental basics like budgeting, cash flows, understanding all types of investments, investment structures and understanding company reports and research papers. It also needs to teach you about prosperity, financial well being and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Achieving financial freedom is an ongoing pursuit of knowledge and education.