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For couples, the achievement of satisfaction when having sex is one of harmonization adhesive family.

However, a variety of activities and daily work routines often absorb more energy thus making the body becomes more tired. Condition of the body that do not fit it was lowered mood for sex.

After a long day of work, on a soft pillow at night will seem more tempting than deplete energy for sex. Feeling lazy too will tend to dominate over the desire to have sex. Indeed there has been no clinical trials on the benefits of consuming ginseng directly with increased libido. However, by consuming the body will feel more refreshed and automatically corrects the desire (mood) to have sex.

Which is the main content of saponin in ginseng or ginseng called ginsenoside or Glykosida have a large effect in reducing fat, helps maximize nutrient absorption and digestion of food.

In addition this compound also activates enzymes in the cell in order to accelerate a variety of functions including metabolism, increase energy and stamina and proven effective to increase the vitality and recovery of various diseases such as fatigue, weakness all over his body and loss of appetite.

One of the famous ginseng has the most powerful properties is Korean ginseng. Korean or Korean ginseng contains saponins Insam more when compared with ginseng from other States. Among ginsenoside Rh-2 which quickly restore the cancer cells become normal again. Ginsenoside Rg3 is able to activate the control of anti-cancer drugs and protect brain cells.

Korean Insam Saponin on this form the “H-901” during metabolism. This element is very good to avoid the propagation of cancer cells without side effects. In addition it contains more protein with a stable temperature.

Ginseng also helps healing the respiratory system disorders, circulatory system and digestive system. Korean Insam effect can be utilized for almost all parts of the human body including the reinforcement of anti-aging nutrition and medicine.

Not only that, Korea Insam also serves as an addition to the blood, normalize the pulse, treating lung, detoxicating, adding secretions (body fluids) eliminate dehydration, stop diarrhea and most importantly, eliminates the physical fatigue that can interfere with sexual activity with a partner