Favorite TV Shows

If you’re ever looking for a high-drama crime drama, CSI is your ticket to adventure where the actors use hi-tech tools to solve crimes. CSI Shows take a different approach to the more common and popular ‘whodunnit’ cop shows and instead explore the ‘howdunit’ angle in the investigation. Your CSI TV series naturally look better … Continue reading “Favorite TV Shows”

If you’re ever looking for a high-drama crime drama, CSI is your ticket to adventure where the actors use hi-tech tools to solve crimes. CSI Shows take a different approach to the more common and popular ‘whodunnit’ cop shows and instead explore the ‘howdunit’ angle in the investigation. Your CSI TV series naturally look better in HDTV from cable, DirecTV or Dish satellite service.

Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Television in conjunction with CBS Productions, CSI Shows have been heavily criticized because of their graphic portrayals of violence and sexual content. The entire idea was borrowed from Discovery Channel where they aired detectives solving crimes usin DNA to solve cold case files. Now in its tenth season, CSI Shows continue to captivate their viewers.

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