NO doubt about it , coffee has a myriad of benefits for consumed in reasonable doses . More recently , scientists add to the list of benefits of coffee from the observations on the fingers .

Increased blood flow in the fingers , according to scientists associated with increased function of small blood vessels that exist in other places of the human body . Among these can be found in the eyes , kidneys , as well as the reproductive organs .

” These findings give us a clue how coffee can improve heart health and blood vessels , ”

In this study , participants who drank a cup of caffeinated coffee increased blood flow in the fingers of up to 30 percent compared to participants who did not consume coffee . These effects last up to 75 minutes after drinking coffee .

These findings add to a long list of benefits of coffee , which is one of the most popular beverages worldwide . Other studies have previously linked coffee with a decreased risk of heart and blood vessel disorders such as stroke and sebaganya .

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